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Atelier vitrail du Léman est à Ville la Grand, Haute Savoie, France

The aim of RESTAURATION is to keep the original pieces when we can, and to create the missing ones, respecting the style, the colors and the drawing.

Here I chose a drawing by the painter Courbet.
So this stained glass is sepia and black...the only touches of colors are yellow for the ribbon of the hat and a touch of light blue for the sky on the top of the corner.

This stained glass is in a wooden box with light behind. So we can put it on a piece of furniture or hang on a wall

With painting or not (called "grisaille") and whatever style they are, these traditionnal leaded glasses can suit all types of decoration and buildings.

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Figurative Stained Glass of the Middle Ages.

The figurative stained glass of the Middle Ages mainly presented scenes from the Bible and the lives of the saints. The evolution of these windows was closely linked to that of cathedral architecture. Romanesque stained glass was intensely coloured and luminous, filling the church with a mystical light. Details were drawn onto these windows, using a special glass paint, in a stylised manner. In the Gothic period, the desings became more refined, while the windows themselves became much larger. Subsequently, glasse-painters took up the Renaissance style, expressed by perspective, well-defined spaces, and anatomical accuracy. Stained glass windows constituted an important medium of their patrons and society alike.

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